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Gospel Reminders Anyone Can Do

It is one thing to critique the endless parsing of Gospel application, as I have done in the previous post. 

More gospel-centered than thou

‘Tis strange how self righteousness thrives at the foot of the cross.  “Tis not surprising where the devil plays. I

The Capstone of the Gospel

I want to make a bold assertion:the doctrine of the Trinity is the fountain of the Gospel.  It is what

One holy catholic and networked church

Networking is great. But it is not the unity of the church. Networking is not the same as the millenia

Too Good to be True, sons of God in the Son of God

Fred Sanders is the man who said that Christians talk to God like they are Jesus Christ.  I think he

Too Good to be True, 1

I quote: “Christians are people who talk to God like they are Jesus Christ.” How do you respond that statement? 

Ministry: Its about people

Ministry is two things, truth and people.  It is God’s truth brought to bear in the lives of people.  Pastors

Ministry: Commanding the Waves

Leadership is part of our calling.  Self-conscious leadership is not.  Self-congratulatory leadership is opposition to God. I have been reading

Ministry: It’s not about you

Of all the silly notions of ministry making the rounds, there is none sillier than the self-important notion that our

Ministry: Its Long Term

Sowing and reaping, being a farmer, is the work of a lifetime.  So is ministry. Again, I have been thinking


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