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Mark has been a pastor for 33 years. He has been a husband for 35 years. He is the father of 3, and 3 kids-in-law. He is the grandfather of 3. And, for the last year, he is the alpha to a happy black labradoodle.

The Cross is the Only Attraction, further thoughts

I want to ask a sharp question. Is it OK for a pastor to grow a ministry? Is it faithfulness

Grace upon grace

Grace Church members know that for a few weeks I have started each message with the NT blessing, Grace to

Expecting what God sees as we gather

We live in a media culture. Media both informs and stimulates. It is entertaining. It amuses us. Quality of production

The Presence of God in the Gathered Church

How does God’s word shape your expectation of the Sunday gathering of the church?  How are you seeing by faith

Suffering and the Love of God

The first sin of our first parents began with suspicion of God. Ever since, the gravity of the human heart

Sufferings and the Conflict of the Ages

I have discovered that one of the most helpful books in Scripture for gaining perspective on suffering is . .

Christian Suffering

Having considered the broad causes of suffering, I want to weigh in on the issue of suffering that is distinctively

Suffering in a broken world

The last two posts have been summaries.  I wanted to state the principles by which we can interpret suffering.  But

Jesus, the Cross, and our Suffering

Our church is walking through the Gospel of Mark, and have come to the midpoint.  Better yet, we have come

Jesus, the Cross, and Suffering

Immediately after Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Messiah, Jesus changes the conversation.  He does not announce his victory.  He


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