A faithful church should cut against the grain

Mary, I imagine you are progressing in your visits to churches, and asking the basic questions I gave you. I wanted to be simple.  There is more to say, but those are the most important questions. I think I can say it even more simply, a real church is a bit other-worldly.  Other-worldly. Yep, that […]

Nothing new, nothing new

Without doubt, we are vulnerable people.  We are vulnerable because we are all deeply insecure. Some of us mask it well.  Others not so much. But what are we to do? There are many solutions in the market.  Many. Some therapeutic.  Some moral.  Some religious.  Some irreligious. What distinguishes Christianity is the depth of solution […]


What should I expect in a sermon?

When someone walks into a “church” for a first time, it is likely they will hear everything from book reports to a lecture on politics, from self-help and self-improvement to pep talks, from moral admonition to bible teaching.  “Church” is a word that covers a lot. But there is a simple thing to look for […]