Are you disillusioned with the spotted bride?

So many people are disillusioned with the church. They believed in Jesus, showed up at a local congregation and found joy in new found brothers and sisters, until they started to act like siblings.  The church was like a boxing ring. “I thought Christians were going to be different,” they grumble, as off they go […]

The Fog

Cutting through the fog — James as law and gospel

Every November I think of my Dad. He died in a November, aged 86. I had a warm relationship with him all my adult life. Few people influenced me more. Just after his 86th birthday (2004) I asked him a point blank question and received, for the first time, a straight up answer. Me: “What […]


Wise words, saving words James 3

All religions and moral systems recognize the power of words for good for ill.  When Solomon wrote, Death and life are in the power of the tongue, he was saying what the school of the wise in other cultures would also have affirmed. Words reveal the heart and they shape the heart.  Movements are launched […]