Building healthier communities where we live — will you help?

Most people think the YMCA is a health club.  It is so much more. The YMCA is the largest provider of diabetic prevention education in the USA.  It trains teens for future work.  It works to prevent drug use.  It provides counseling and shelter to abused women. I am the volunteer Chair of the Board […]


Christianity is timeless, not new.

Modern people respect received wisdom.  Modern people also despise received wisdom. We are schizophrenic. Respect I have known many people who have worked their way through the rigors of a medical education.  Four years of academic and practical study, followed by more years of overseen practice.  All for one end: to preserve life. As a […]


Taking too much credit for ourselves

I am thinking a great deal about the roots of the Christian faith.  For the outsider, let me say that Christianity is deeply rooted in history.  We are unapologetic about this.  We believe the Gospel is the most timeless and timely message ever.  It doesn’t need improvement or innovation. I have been thinking about how […]